MR #36: Dream the dream . . . again

Dream the dream . . . again.

Walking with God–personally, intimately, faithfully.

      Being transformed into God’s likeness.


      Absorbing God’s love, seeing His holiness, witnessing His faithfulness.


      Shedding anger, losing lust, giving up personal advantage.


      Reframing ego–from


      glory to




      Praying, fasting, worshipping . . . communing with God.


    Bowing before Him, acknowledging that He alone is Lord.

Walking in community–personally, intimately, faithfully.

      Journeying together with God to become like Him.


      Putting on love which binds us together in perfect unity.


      Loving the unlovable, accepting the unacceptable — within each of us.


      Encouraging the young, listening to the old, growing together in Christ.


      Expecting the miracle–bondage broken, addictions cured, bodies healed.


    Confessing sins to one another–feeling freedom, love, and acceptance.

Walking on mission with God–personally, intimately, faithfully.

      Emulating the ministry of Jesus.


      Becoming God’s ministers of reconciliation.


      Becoming spiritual friends with searchers and skeptics.


      Equipping God’s people for works of ministry.


      Doing church


      way- not




    Training leaders to plant churches that plant churches that . . . .

Dream the dream . . . again.

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  1. October is Bedok Lutheran Church’s Mission Month and we would like to ask for your permission to feature the “Dream the dream…again” article in our bulletin. May we also have the author’s name. Thank you.

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